"Laughing Boy is deliciously enjoyable as a simple parody of American tackiness."
-- Caitlin Leffel, Showbiz Digest


* WINNER - Most Original Feature - New York International Independent Film & Video Festival *
* WINNER - Grand Jury Award: Filmmaker in Acting Role - Bare Bones Independent Film Festival *
* WINNER - Best Click-Pop - Clickflick.tv Global Online Media Festival *

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More fun than a barrel of dead monkeys.

Laughing Boy
Less artsy.  More fartsy.

Toxic Monkey Productions presents a Brazil J. Grisaffi film
"Laughing Boy" Brazil J. Grisaffi  Anne Quackenbush  Michael Gray  Therese Kotara  Tiffany Grant  Bob Gebert
Bryan Lee McGlothin  Robin Craig  Garrison Wynn  Catherine Martin
Barbara Jones Angela Laux  Tammy Brown  Alyssia Dujmovich
music by Jeff Walton  animation by Stone Soup

screenplay by George Douglas Lee
produced and directed by Brazil J. Grisaffi

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We have placed the Laughing Boy trailer on YouTube.com
Hopefully, the embedded video will appear below this line!

Laughing Boy will be screened in Beaumont, TX at the Art Studio
as part of Bob Neal's Community Cinema series on
Friday, November 21 @ 7PM
The Art Studio, Inc. at 

720 Franklin Street

 in downtown 



Laughing Boy is now available to buy at 
Amoeba Music in Los Angeles
6400 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90028
4/7/2003 The No Brand Con convention was 
a huge success! Attendee response to LAUGHING BOY was fantastic! Thank you to everyone 
that attended, and Thank you to my new friends Kevin, Sean, Larry, Damien (Earthside 
Blues) and everyone else that made our weekend in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a very 
memorable weekend.
If you enjoyed the film, I encourage you to join the 
Laughing Boy Yahoo! Group
and send emails to the cast and crew, receiving
special announcements and follow our distribution progress 
Also, please take a moment to rate and review LAUGHING BOY
at the Internet Movie Database
LAUGHING BOY has a new distributor, Echelon Entertainment
(Also known as RGH/Lions Share Pictures)
We are very excited about this development, as Echelon distributes
many films that were making festival rounds when we were - ROSE'S, DETENTION, THE WEDDING COW, among others.
Upcoming screening in Eau Claire, WI at No Brand Con Saturday, April 5, 2003
Brazil J. Grisaffi and Tiffany Grant in attendance
for details, please visit http://www.nobrandcon.com/ 
A new Film Threat review:
"...I liked this funny, cutting and imaginative film." - Doug Brunell
Read the whole review here
Read a recent interview with Brazil J. Grisaffi at 
Ziggy's Video Realm 
Two new LAUGHING BOY reviews:
"Grisaffi is backed by a wonderful cast of supporting actors, who each shine in their respective roles."
- Allen J. Vestal, A.J.'s Movies and More
"...I found myself laughing at the jokes and interested in the relationships on display. Thatís something that many larger films and respected filmmakers have a hard time doing,
so Grisaffi and crew have done something right."
- Phillip Duncan, DVDtalk.com
New stores in Los Angeles renting LAUGHING BOY:

HOLLYNORM VIDEO, 5068-A Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90027
(323) 662-5003
COOKIE VIDEO, 2501 Sunset Blvd. #B, Los Angeles CA 90026
(213) 484-2317
Read the latest LAUGHING BOY review at
An email we just received from a DVD viewer:
"The dvd is excellent. You should be proud. It looks great, the menus are exceptional and the features are exactly
what fans look for in the dvd medium."
-- Michael Siana
Rent LAUGHING BOY on DVD in Burbank CA at
LAKESIDE VIDEO, 353 N. Pass Ave., Burbank CA 91505, 818-848-2001
and also in Studio City CA
20/20 Video, 12113 Ventura Blvd., Studio City CA 91604, 818-762-2020

The LAUGHING BOY DVD is now available!
We will keep the website updated with stores we know are renting it!

Rent it at any VIDEO HUT in Los Angeles:
1864 N. Vermont, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 661-4680
2732 Hyperion, Los Angeles, CA 90027, (323) 660-1166
14441 Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys, CA, 91605, (818) 901-7222
13713 Moorpark Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, (818) 385-0067
There will be a FREE screening of LAUGHING BOY THURSDAY, August 22, 2002 in West Hollywood CA at:
665 N. Robertson
West Hollywood CA 90069
Thomas Guide 592 H6
Hope to see you there!
Upcoming screening: CKon2002 in Muncie IN.
Great news! The official street date of the LAUGHING BOY VHS & DVD
has been announced: August 27, 2002!
The DVD Special Features include:
- Cast and Crew Commentary
(with Brazil J. Grisaffi, Tiffany Grant, Robin Craig, Hassan Nadji, George Lee and Sheila Sawyer)
- Actors' Auditions
- Animation Pencil Tests
- Animation Character Design Gallery
- Movie Trailer
- Extended Scenes
- Storyboard Art
- Photo Gallery
There will be a FREE screening in Glendale CA at 8PM on Tuesday, June 4
at the Kiosk Cafe
2527 Canada Blvd. Glendale CA 91208
Thomas Guide 504 H7
Screening is outdoors; please bring a jacket and a folding chair.
Thank you to everyone who attended the screening at STRANGE BREW
In Springfield OH on 5/3
If you enjoyed the film, please go to the internet movie database and rate us!
Please start calling video stores in your area to request LAUGHING BOY!
Have you seen the movie? Do you like the music? Support the bands, order their music!
The Strangeways: Corporate Monkey
The Mark Dini Group: Back For Seconds
Toe Head: New Disaster

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Is having fun and saying what you really think politically incorrect?  Cody McKenzie thinks nobody has parties anymore. Maybe they do, but he just isn't invited to any. However, tonight, Cody and his wife Judy are going to a very special party. Elizabeth Sheridan, star of Cody's fantasies, is giving it for the engagement of his best friend. Elizabeth also happens to be a very important player where Cody works. Judy sees the party as a chance for Cody to advance; he sees it as a chance to impress the woman of his dreams. The fact that he bungles it horribly is perfectly natural. He couldn't do it any other way. The guests are all impossibly proper - preppies, yuppies, culturally elite - which are simply trendy labels for snobbish bores. His reputation precedes him, and once Cody arrives, he trips all over it. The harder he tries to be one of them, the more he fails. From his first bizarre comment to his outrageous exit, Cody alienates almost every guest, disrupts the party and turns it into chaos.

...and there's a love story in here somewhere.

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